IRCC is now changing its process of evaluating the educational credentials of international graduate applicants. A new announcement has been made by IRCC regarding the impact of online studies on Canadian PR applications. International graduates with an active express entry profile have received an update to answer new questions about their Canadian education details.

Updated Conditions in Express Entry Profile

The international students are required to answer three questions about the amount of in-person study training, Canadian study training, and full-time study in Canada. This is to be done by August 2, 2022, failing which the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) would drop and the candidate would miss the opportunity to get PR.  

  1. Has the candidate completed at least 50% of the study or training through in-person program?
  2. Has the candidate studied in-person in Canada for at least 8 months
  3. Has the candidates done full-time studies in Canada

Impact on Existing Candidates

The regulation has amended previous Ministerial instruction which required international students to be studying completely in-person in Canada for being considered for permanent residency through the express entry. The amendment allows students who have studied 50% of their program through online to also be considered for CRS. However, this should not come as a matter of concern for individuals who do not meet the last two conditions as according to the latest amendments, individuals who have studied online in full-time studies at a Canadian institution between March 2020 to August 2022 will be exempted from conditions b and c. 

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