In a newly released announcement, the IRCC has confirmed its plans to conduct its first ever targeted Express Entry draws by the first quarter of 2023. The draws will be based on Canada’s economic needs and labor market requirements. 

Moreover, the IRCC is also emphasizing on consulting a large group of stakeholders regarding formation of new categories as needed by the legislation. This is a step towards achieving a transparent selection process and overcoming the earlier mentioned speculations about the method being biased towards certain vested interested groups. 

The announcement is part of the recently passed bill C-19 which includes certain amendments to the Immigration Refugees and Protection Act as stated below:

Firstly, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration will have the authority to issue instructions on establishing categories based on which PR invitations will be issued to foreign nationals and also the supporting economic goals behind establishment of these categories.

Secondly, a visa or any other related document will be issued to a foreign national only if he or she is eligible to be part of an eligible category.

Thirdly, the yearly operational report submitted to the Parliament should include description of instructions & economic objectives behind establishment of categories and the number of PR invitations issued against each category.

Fourthly, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration will also issue instructions regarding filing of PR application upon reception of PR invitation in cases where the applicant is eligible to be part of more than 1 categories.

Need to Change Express Entry

Earlier in this news forum, we had reported about the Canadian Government’s emphasis on bringing new reforms to the existing Express Entry system wherein invitations will be issued to candidates based on their occupation, academic skills, language abilities, etc. instead of the usual Comprehensive Ranking System. Furthermore, amendments to the express entry were necessary to allow IRCC to customize ITAs for the purpose of meeting Canada’s economic and labor market goals. 

I expect we’re going to see a potential increase in retention rates have opened up because people are coming in where they know they have opportunities because that was the basis of their invitation to apply.

Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Information Refugees and Citizenship Canada

The above statement implies that newcomers to Canada will get more success in their respective categories or communities because the invitation is itself on the basis of demand in those categories or communities. 

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