Biometrics not required for Canadian Immigration if submitted in the last 10 years

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Biometrics not required for Canadian Immigration if submitted in the last 10 years- IRCC

The government of Canada on September 22, 2020, has announced a new temporary policy change to facilitate biometrics. This new policy will allow permanent residence applicants to rely on biometrics submitted earlier with in the last 10 years.

Considering the impact of COVID-19 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced many facilitative measures to fasten the application process. In view of public health biometric collection sites in and outside Canada, including designated Services Canada Centres, visa application centres (VACs), application support centers (ASCs) are closed or reopened with only limited services.

This has huge effect on the processing of applications in and outside Canada. Thousands of applications are on hold and many of them have already given biometrics in previous applications such as post graduate work permits, work permits, study permits or visit visa.

While this temporary public policy is in place, the biometrics these applicants have previously given will be reused for screening purposes to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians as these applications move forward in processing.

Who are eligible under this policy?

  • You are eligible under this policy if you have a new or pending application for permanent residence made from within or outside Canada AND
  • Submitted biometrics in support of an immigration application within the last 10 years

Biometric Fee

Applicants are not required to pay the biometric fee (CAN$85) for a new application for permanent residence

If you have already paid the fees and exempted under this policy IRCC will process the application and refund you the biometric fee.

Applicants do not need to do anything in regards to the refund.

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